That damned cat is in the tree again!
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie are happily surprised when Gilligan and the Skipper show up for a […]
Ralphie puts the first gift under the tree.
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie manage to get their tree up before December 1st!
Because it’s Opposite Day, Elvis and Jeannie decided to pamper Alice.
Alice relaxes with her boyfriend Mr. Miyagi, watching Hallmark Christmas specials.
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie enjoy a non-traditional Thanksgiving’s Day of tacos, while Alice serves.
Elvis, “Weird” Al Yankovic, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Jimmi Hendrix get together over pizza and beer to […]
Elvis and Jeannie enjoy breakfast while Alice cleans up. Poor Alice.
Elvis cooks breakfast while Jeannie checks her email.
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