Daily Photos

You can find new photos here Monday through Friday, and a special photo on the weekends. Enjoy!

There were two doors. Frankie chose the door with the […]
Elvis finally remembers to bring Frankie his new pet slug, […]
Lily takes Elvira to meet Jeannie, who loans her a […]
Umm, Frankie? Her eyes are up there.
Lily and her old college roommate Elvira hang out, catching […]
Frankie’s childhood hero, Joe Namath, shows up to give Frankie […]
Frankie relaxes at home with Frankie Jr. and a box […]
“Ralphie, I think it’s about time we sat down and […]
Snake eyes, Elvis, and Frankie recover the loot stolen by […]
Frankie and Elvis rush in to capture Storm Shadow, while […]
Snake Eyes piledrives Storm Shadow on a table.
Just as Snake Eyes gets the upper hand in their […]
Snake Eyes waits for Storm Shadow to come back to […]
“That’s my favorite book,” says Jeannie. “Where did Leap Year […]
While Elvis and Jeannie are at Frankie’s place, Storm Shadow […]
Elvis brings over his old College Roommate Snake Eyes, in […]
Frankie leaps out to try to stop the ninja, but […]
The ninja shows up to steal Frankie’s new Mego Frankenstein’s […]
That night, the security camera Elvis installed caught someone stealing […]
Someone stole Jeannie’s bottle! It couldn’t be the pirates, they’re […]
“It has to be here somewhere, Lily,” says Frankie, looking […]
While helping Ralphie to babysit Frankie Jr., Aang uses his […]
Elvis and Jeannie decide to gift their pet slug to […]
Frankie and Lily have the Frankenstein family over for a […]
That night, with the baby asleep in his crib, Frankie […]
“Whew! Moving sure is a lot of work,” says Frankie, […]
“So you settled on the empty, bleak space, eh?” asks […]
“I just got off the phone with Lily,” says Jeannie, […]
“This is definitely more our speed, Mr. Olsen,” says Lily, […]
“It’s a beautiful apartment building, Mr. Olsen, but it’s too…bright.”
“First of all, Mr. Olsen, I didn’t realize you were […]
“You’re probably right,” says Frankie, “about getting our own place, […]
“You know, Frankie,” says Lily, “we spend a lot of […]
While Lily and her friends are off in the mountains, […]
Jeannie, Lily, Peg, and Cheetah go for a hike in […]
Frankie shows Elvis the giant business card he found on […]
“It’s been like almost a year, Lily. Why won’t our […]
“Okay, Frankie, we get it! You’re strong! Now let us […]
Jeannie, Peg Bundy, and Lily play Pictionary.
That night, Elvis dreams of being trapped in a graveyard […]
Ralphie introduces his new pet werewolf to Elvis and Jeannie, […]
Ralphie rubs the Werewolf’s belly, causing him to howl with […]
Ultraman Jack stops by to introduce himself to Geordi La […]
Jeannie tells Lily her fortune, as Cheetah and Geordi La […]
Jeannie gazes into the crystal ball. Would you like to […]
No, ma’am, we will NOT be having fish for dinner!
“Read Joe’s book Leap Year,” said Geordi La Forge. “It […]
Ralphie, Aqualad, and Aang hang out, playing with the cats […]
What do you mean, you want me to read to […]
Frankie gives Frankenhammer, his little brother, a monster hug.
Frankie’s little brother, Frankenhammer, shows up. But is he here […]
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie celebrate Frankie vanquishing the apes. Elvis […]
Frankie stands tall upon the pile of vanquished apes.
The soldier apes defeated, Frankie faces off about General Ursus.
Frankie bursts into Elvis’ house, knocks down one soldier ape, […]
Out for a ride on his new motorcycle, Frankie’s monster […]
Elvis pleads for his and his family’s releases from the […]
General Ursus and his soldier apes break into Elvis and […]
Cheetah and Catwoman begrudgingly pose for a family portrait with […]
Cheetah’s uncle, the Not-So-Cowardly Lion, shows up to break up […]
It’s a cat fight!
Cheetah shows up, and is not happy to find Weird […]
Weird Al introduces his friend Catwoman to his bandmate Elvis.
Jeannie indulges in a delectably delicious dessert. (Can you say […]
Frankie and Lily watch…themselves?
Jeannie walks into the room to find Wonder Woman trapped […]
The Mystery Astronaut suddenly appears, startling Jeannie, Zira, and Cheetah.
Jeannie, Zira, and Cheetah hang out.
Frankie and Lily’s favorite novel, LEAP YEAR, is free on […]
Frankie practices for his interview with the post office to […]
We #StandWithUkraine. There’s no such thing as a winnable war.
“That’s the last time I play Pokemon Go alone!”
“Well, this is awkward,” says Lily.
Frankie, Lily, Weird Al, and Cheetah spend time on the […]
Elvis is shocked to learn that “Weird” Al Yankovic is […]
Rocky and Apollo Creed put the past behind them.
Rocky and Apollo Creed almost get into a brawl.
Rocky and Apollo Creed have a reunion, of sorts.
“Jeannie, darlin’,” said Elvis, “could you check out this mole […]
“Honey,” said Jeannie to Elvis, “I think we might have […]
This time, Elvis dreams that’s he’s trapped in an acrylic […]
Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours!
Elvis dreams again, this time finding himself among huge acrylic […]
Ma Walton comes over to give Alice a hand in […]
Lily shares brunch with two slugs.
“Who keeps stealing my donuts?” shouts Elvis, into the empty […]
“Get out of my zen garden!” Frankie yells at the […]
Frankie relaxes with his Zen Garden.
No, not THAT eye of the tiger!
Elvis and Jeannie snuggling on the couch, trying to stay […]
Jeannie gets out of bed, walks to the front door, […]
Lily relaxes with a good book…and a cat.
Jeannie decides to redecorate the house.
Rocky gives Ralphie his bi-annual boxing lesson.
There’s absolutely nothing to see here. Move along.
Don’t you know me, Ralphie? I’m your real mummy!
Frankie introduces Lily to his cousin Young Frank, who is […]
Frankie and Lily relax while watching television.
Elvis, heart beating staccato in his chest, wakes up after […]
Puttin’ on the Ritz…with Elvis!
“I’m sorry,” said Alice, to the traveling saleswoman, “but we […]
“That’s all well and good, Mr. Q,” said Ralphie, “but […]
It’s bring your pets to Elvis and Jeannie’s house day!
The slugs weren’t so killer, after all. In fact, they’re […]
One minute, Frankie was watching TV, minding his own business, […]
Jeannie, Lily, Wonder Woman, and Cheetah hang out, watching TV […]
Groot surprises Elvis and Frankie with a surprise visit.
“Mego wants me to go what now?” Elvis asks, as […]
If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go […]
Elvis, Weird Al Yankovic, Frankie, and Jimi Hendrix get together […]
“Honey!” Jeannie calls out to Elvis. “This pesky fly will […]
Peg Bundy stops by for a visit…and brings Chinese food!
No one even tries to beat the Batman’s high score […]
The Riddler and the Penguin cheer on the Joker as […]
Batman and Robin hanging out at the arcade, playing Space […]
The Wolfman hanging out with his animal friends.
“I’m sorry Mr. Jushin Thunder Liger, sir, we didn’t know […]
Ralphie and Aang play the lava game. Somehow, Aang always […]
Elvis and Jeannie host a NYE party!
Ralphie, Aang, and Aqualad spend the day playing games. Next […]
Elvis breaks out his old Atari 2600!
Frankie comes over to remove the Christmas tree for Elvis […]
Ralphie got a LOT of toys this year!
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie open presents on Christmas morning.
Elvis and Jeannie relax on the couch, watching television, on […]
Lily comes over to share lunch with Jeannie and help […]
Santa Claus arrives just as the elf takes down the […]
Just as the Candyman is about to skewer Ralphie like […]
The Candyman grabs Ralphie and prepares to…well, do what the […]
Oh, Ralphie. Never let the Candyman inside!
Elvis, Jeannie, Ralphie, and the cat gather on the new […]
That night…Elvis dreams, and finds himself on a huge Christmas […]
While shopping at the local Samaritan Shop, Jeannie runs into […]
The crazy lady from across the street comes over to […]
Rocky, Elvis’ old college roommate, stops by to offer Elvis […]
With no one awake but the cat, Santa Claus sneaks […]
“Who in the heck would send me a leg lamp?”
General Ursus brings over a package for Ralphie that was […]
Lucy Ricardo comes over to spend the day with Jeannie […]
Elvis receives a strange gift in the mail; a 2022 […]
After Jeannie falls asleep watching TV, Stretch Armstrong and the […]
Ralphie finds Elvis’ old Stretch Armstrong toy, from when he […]
Elvis’ new next door neighbor, General Ursus, comes by to […]
Later that night, Ralphie falls asleep on the couch while […]
Frankie, Lily, and the baby come over to visit.
“It wasn’t me, Dad! I didn’t take your stupid donut!”
“I’m sorry to interrupt your stupid book, Mom, but I […]
Jeannie places her brand new elf on a shelf.
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie put up the Christmas tree.
Alice takes a nap on the couch after slaving away […]