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Elvis receives a strange gift in the mail; a 2022 […]
After Jeannie falls asleep watching TV, Stretch Armstrong and the […]
Ralphie finds Elvis’ old Stretch Armstrong toy, from when he […]
Elvis’ new next door neighbor, General Ursus, comes by to […]
Later that night, Ralphie falls asleep on the couch while […]
Frankie, Lily, and the baby come over to visit.
“It wasn’t me, Dad! I didn’t take your stupid donut!”
“I’m sorry to interrupt your stupid book, Mom, but I […]
Jeannie places her brand new elf on a shelf.
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie put up the Christmas tree.
Alice takes a nap on the couch after slaving away […]
While helping Elvis and Jeannie clean the house for Thanksgiving, […]
“I don’t know, Ralphie,” says Frankie, “this game hits a […]
Peg Bundy shows up with a gift for Jeannie, to […]
Lily watches in agony as the Frankenstein Bros play Scrabble.
Frankie patiently waits for the mail.
Ralphie and Aang spend an afternoon playing Scrabble.
Aang, that’s cheating!
Ralphie, Aang, and Aqualad spend the afternoon playing Jenga.
After a long week of vampires and vampire hunters, Jeannie […]
Count Dracula apologies to Ralphie for scaring him at the […]
Nosferatu and Count Dracula show up and pull Van Helsing […]
“Vampire!” screams Van Helsing, as he rushes into the room, […]
Frankie and Lily look our their hotel window as they […]
Ralphie explains his plan to infiltrate the vampire’s lair by […]
During a romantic weekend trip to St. Louis, Frankie and […]
Nosferatu shows up in the middle of the night at […]
Ralphie and Aang tell Jeannie and Elvis all about their […]
Dr. Van Helsing explains to Elvis and Jeannie how to […]
Dracula, Nosferatu, and the other two Draculas meet in their […]
Suddenly, the machines stop working and the lights go out […]
Ralphie and Aang take turns playing Frogger at the arcade.
“Put Dr. Van Helsing down, Frankie! He wasn’t threatening me, […]
“Excuse me, sir, but have you seen any vampires around […]
Jeannie explains to Elvis, Ralphie, and Frankie that she can […]
“How did you do it, ma’am?” asks Sgt. O’Reilly, as […]
“Okay, enough of this,” says Jeannie, as she blasts the […]
“Gotcha! The donuts were merely a distraction,” says the Joker, […]
“Look, sorry man…” says an embarrassed Robin, “but I really […]
“Get down, Elvis!” yells Robin, as Elvis reaches for the […]
After countless minutes searching, Batman, Robin, Elvis, and Frankie finally […]
Elvis, Ralphie, and Frankie meet with Batman and Robin to […]
Back at the Joker’s lair, the villains enjoys feasting on […]
The Joker kidnaps Jeannie and steals Elvis’s donuts!
After minutes and minutes of hard planning and calculating, the […]
The Joker lays out his crazy plan to destroy both […]
Elsewhere, in a secret lair, the Joker explains his nefarious […]
Jeannie, Lily, and Esmerelda meet for their monthly book club.
After a long day of guitar practice, Elvis dreams of […]
“What the…? Oh, sorry, I thought you said you wanted […]
“Get off that kangaroo, young man, and give me back […]
“Okay, Ralphie,” said Jeannie, “enough is enough. We already have […]
“What do you mean, Facebook has been back for 3 […]
Kang and Elvis put together a rag tag group of […]
Kang enlists Elvis’ aid in a quest to discover why […]
“Okay, who in the hell are you?” asked Elvis, as […]
Igor takes Frankie and Lily’s as of yet still-unnamed baby […]
“Okay, Doc, let’s see how YOU like it! And stop […]
“Okay, Lily, can you please stop breaking Frankie? This is […]
“Have you seen the well-to-do, up and down Park Avenue?”
“And what in the name of chocolate is that? Is […]
“Hey, Elvis, thanks for inviting me over…wait a second, who […]
Using his airbending abilities, Aang levitates Ralphie’s donut just out […]
“Sorry I almost shot you,” says Elvis, reaching out to […]
No, Elvis! I said, “Robin’s in the house,” not “someone’s […]
Frankie and Lily sit down with Elvis and Jeannie to […]
Franklin introduces his new girlfriend, Esmeralda, to Frankie and Lily. […]
Elvis has another crazy dream. This time, he’s on a […]
Aang offers Superman a donut to make up for nearly […]
Kryptonite sure comes in handy!
The Frankenstein brothers look on in confusion as Ralphie challenges […]
Frankie watches in the background as his big brother Franklin […]
For absolutely no good reason whatsoever, the Frankenstein brothers decide […]
“You weren’t under the couch. You weren’t behind the bookshelf, […]
Tired of waiting for everyone to get home, Franklin breaks […]
Franklin comes to Elvis and Jeannie’s house, because he can’t […]
Is Elvis dreaming again? He wakes up inside a clear […]
Elvis, Jeannie, Frankie, Lily, Ralphie, and the baby look out […]
Franklin learns how to hold the baby the right way.
Frankie’s brother Franklin has clearly never held a baby before.
Frankie and Lily bring their new baby to Elvis and […]
For absolutely no reason whatsoever, a Mystery Astronaut appears in […]
Frankie and Lily enjoy time with their little bundle of […]
Lily explains to a properly-chastened Dracula and Wolfman that the […]
Dracula and the Wolfman prepare to fight over dessert.
Frankie and Lily have some old friends over for dinner.
Frankie and Lily make time for a little kitchen romance.
Frankie makes dinner for Lily.
Elvis and Jeannie get in a little cuddling time, watching […]
Ralphie and Aang wait not-so-patiently for Johnny Hook to give […]
Elvis has another crazy dream. In this one, he’s standing […]
Ralphie and Aang takes turns playing Pac-man at their favorite […]
“What the hell, Elvis?” asks Jeannie, holding up a pool […]
A dejected Elvis looks on as Frankie prepares to sink […]
Elvis and Frankie prepare to play a friendly game of […]
No longer a detective, Kojak shows up to try to […]
Frankie and Lily regale Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie with their […]
Elvis brings Jeannie breakfast in bed.
The pirates never learned not to mess with monsters.
Elvis awakes from a nightmare, certain his best friend Frankie […]
Just as they’re close to home, pirates surround Frankie and […]
Frankie takes his bride for a ride through the countryside.
So much for a friendly night of poker! Elvis and […]
Elvis, Frankie’s brother Franklin, and Hannibal Lecter play a friendly […]
Frankie and Lily meet up with the rest of the […]
The Batmen take turns beating up the Riddler, just for […]
Jeannie, Lily, Alice, Peg, Wonder Woman, and Cheetah hang out […]
Jeannie, Lily, and her friends have fun at the club.
Jeannie and Lily prepare for a girl’s night out!
Elvis and Jeannie decide to take a second honeymoon. But […]
That night, Ralphie dreams, finding himself with Aang inside the […]
Ralphie and Aang play with Ralphie’s new Mego Museum playset.
The Flash and Doctor Who breathe a sigh of relief […]
The Flash goes back in time to prevent himself from […]
Wonder Woman arrives just in time to kick Cheetah’s butt.
Just as Dr. Who and the Flash prepare for Flash’s […]
Farrah meets with her old college roommate Cheetah, asking her […]
Worried that the Flash and Dr. Who might change the […]
The Flash and Dr. Who meets with a dejected, guitarless, […]
The Riddler and his evil ward Ralphie break into a […]
Jeannie sneaks up on a shiny Snorlax on Pokemon Go […]
The Flash and Dr. Who try to explain to Elvis […]
The Flash meets with his old time traveling buddy Dr. […]
That night, as Elvis and Farrah watch TV, they come […]
The Flash is shocked to meet Elvis’ bandmates: Elvis’ on-again-off-again […]
The Flash returns to the present to learn that, because […]
Flash runs back in time to witness Elvis meeting Jeannie […]
Flash travels back in time to observe the chess match […]
The Flash travels back to when it all began…
The Flash stuns Elvis and the boys by playing all […]
Elvis and the gang have an impromptu jam session, with […]
Aang and Ralphie playing with My Little Pony.
Elvis has another of those crazy dreams. This time, he’s […]
Meanwhile, in a bleak and lonely hallway deep inside Arkham […]
Frankie and Lily shows off their Mad Monster Castle banner, […]
Frankie, Ralphie, and Aang play Monopoly.
Karaoke night at Elvis and Jeannie’s house! Jeannie and Elvis […]
Karaoke night at Elvis and Jeannie’s house! Frankie and Lily […]
7-time former National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight champion Harley Race shows […]
Ralphie knocks out Apollo Creed! Who’s next?
Apollo Creed regrets telling Ralphie to take his best shot.
Ralphie, Aang, and the son of Frankenstein hang out with […]
Ralphie and Aang try to teach the son of Frankenstein […]
Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, Ape-Elvis, Ape-Jeannie, and Ape-Ralphie spend […]
On Opposite Day, Alice relaxes while Elvis cleans the house.
Ralphie has Aang over for a playdate.
Jeannie displays a new painting Elvis bought for the house.
Jeannie tries on the NWA world heavyweight championship belt Ralphie […]
Batman returns Ralphie and the missing items to Elvis and […]
Batman, Ralphie, and Kojak watch as the cops take the […]
As Elvis awaits news from Batman about the rescue of […]
Batman tracks down the Riddler in his lair and prepares […]
Batman tracks down the Riddler in his lair and prepares […]
After a brief battle. the Riddler apprehends Ralphie and hangs […]
Ralphie, who followed Kojak to Riddler’s lair, rushes in, grab’s […]
Kojak finally tracks down the Riddler —only to be beaten […]