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After minutes and minutes of hard planning and calculating, the […]
The Joker lays out his crazy plan to destroy both […]
Elsewhere, in a secret lair, the Joker explains his nefarious […]
Jeannie, Lily, and Esmerelda meet for their monthly book club.
After a long day of guitar practice, Elvis dreams of […]
“What the…? Oh, sorry, I thought you said you wanted […]
“Get off that kangaroo, young man, and give me back […]
“Okay, Ralphie,” said Jeannie, “enough is enough. We already have […]
“What do you mean, Facebook has been back for 3 […]
Kang and Elvis put together a rag tag group of […]
Kang enlists Elvis’ aid in a quest to discover why […]
“Okay, who in the hell are you?” asked Elvis, as […]
Igor takes Frankie and Lily’s as of yet still-unnamed baby […]
“Okay, Doc, let’s see how YOU like it! And stop […]
“Okay, Lily, can you please stop breaking Frankie? This is […]
“Have you seen the well-to-do, up and down Park Avenue?”
“And what in the name of chocolate is that? Is […]
“Hey, Elvis, thanks for inviting me over…wait a second, who […]
Using his airbending abilities, Aang levitates Ralphie’s donut just out […]
“Sorry I almost shot you,” says Elvis, reaching out to […]
No, Elvis! I said, “Robin’s in the house,” not “someone’s […]
Frankie and Lily sit down with Elvis and Jeannie to […]
Franklin introduces his new girlfriend, Esmeralda, to Frankie and Lily. […]
Elvis has another crazy dream. This time, he’s on a […]
Aang offers Superman a donut to make up for nearly […]
Kryptonite sure comes in handy!
The Frankenstein brothers look on in confusion as Ralphie challenges […]
Frankie watches in the background as his big brother Franklin […]
For absolutely no good reason whatsoever, the Frankenstein brothers decide […]
“You weren’t under the couch. You weren’t behind the bookshelf, […]
Tired of waiting for everyone to get home, Franklin breaks […]
Franklin comes to Elvis and Jeannie’s house, because he can’t […]
Is Elvis dreaming again? He wakes up inside a clear […]
Elvis, Jeannie, Frankie, Lily, Ralphie, and the baby look out […]
Franklin learns how to hold the baby the right way.
Frankie’s brother Franklin has clearly never held a baby before.
Frankie and Lily bring their new baby to Elvis and […]
For absolutely no reason whatsoever, a Mystery Astronaut appears in […]
Frankie and Lily enjoy time with their little bundle of […]
Lily explains to a properly-chastened Dracula and Wolfman that the […]
Dracula and the Wolfman prepare to fight over dessert.
Frankie and Lily have some old friends over for dinner.
Frankie and Lily make time for a little kitchen romance.
Frankie makes dinner for Lily.
Elvis and Jeannie get in a little cuddling time, watching […]
Ralphie and Aang wait not-so-patiently for Johnny Hook to give […]
Elvis has another crazy dream. In this one, he’s standing […]
Ralphie and Aang takes turns playing Pac-man at their favorite […]
“What the hell, Elvis?” asks Jeannie, holding up a pool […]
A dejected Elvis looks on as Frankie prepares to sink […]
Elvis and Frankie prepare to play a friendly game of […]
No longer a detective, Kojak shows up to try to […]
Frankie and Lily regale Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie with their […]
Elvis brings Jeannie breakfast in bed.
The pirates never learned not to mess with monsters.
Elvis awakes from a nightmare, certain his best friend Frankie […]
Just as they’re close to home, pirates surround Frankie and […]
Frankie takes his bride for a ride through the countryside.
So much for a friendly night of poker! Elvis and […]
Elvis, Frankie’s brother Franklin, and Hannibal Lecter play a friendly […]
Frankie and Lily meet up with the rest of the […]
The Batmen take turns beating up the Riddler, just for […]
Jeannie, Lily, Alice, Peg, Wonder Woman, and Cheetah hang out […]
Jeannie, Lily, and her friends have fun at the club.
Jeannie and Lily prepare for a girl’s night out!
Elvis and Jeannie decide to take a second honeymoon. But […]
That night, Ralphie dreams, finding himself with Aang inside the […]
Ralphie and Aang play with Ralphie’s new Mego Museum playset.
The Flash and Doctor Who breathe a sigh of relief […]
The Flash goes back in time to prevent himself from […]
Wonder Woman arrives just in time to kick Cheetah’s butt.
Just as Dr. Who and the Flash prepare for Flash’s […]
Farrah meets with her old college roommate Cheetah, asking her […]
Worried that the Flash and Dr. Who might change the […]
The Flash and Dr. Who meets with a dejected, guitarless, […]
The Riddler and his evil ward Ralphie break into a […]
Jeannie sneaks up on a shiny Snorlax on Pokemon Go […]
The Flash and Dr. Who try to explain to Elvis […]
The Flash meets with his old time traveling buddy Dr. […]
That night, as Elvis and Farrah watch TV, they come […]
The Flash is shocked to meet Elvis’ bandmates: Elvis’ on-again-off-again […]
The Flash returns to the present to learn that, because […]
Flash runs back in time to witness Elvis meeting Jeannie […]
Flash travels back in time to observe the chess match […]
The Flash travels back to when it all began…
The Flash stuns Elvis and the boys by playing all […]
Elvis and the gang have an impromptu jam session, with […]
Aang and Ralphie playing with My Little Pony.
Elvis has another of those crazy dreams. This time, he’s […]
Meanwhile, in a bleak and lonely hallway deep inside Arkham […]
Frankie and Lily shows off their Mad Monster Castle banner, […]
Frankie, Ralphie, and Aang play Monopoly.
Karaoke night at Elvis and Jeannie’s house! Jeannie and Elvis […]
Karaoke night at Elvis and Jeannie’s house! Frankie and Lily […]
7-time former National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight champion Harley Race shows […]
Ralphie knocks out Apollo Creed! Who’s next?
Apollo Creed regrets telling Ralphie to take his best shot.
Ralphie, Aang, and the son of Frankenstein hang out with […]
Ralphie and Aang try to teach the son of Frankenstein […]
Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, Ape-Elvis, Ape-Jeannie, and Ape-Ralphie spend […]
On Opposite Day, Alice relaxes while Elvis cleans the house.
Ralphie has Aang over for a playdate.
Jeannie displays a new painting Elvis bought for the house.
Jeannie tries on the NWA world heavyweight championship belt Ralphie […]
Batman returns Ralphie and the missing items to Elvis and […]
Batman, Ralphie, and Kojak watch as the cops take the […]
As Elvis awaits news from Batman about the rescue of […]
Batman tracks down the Riddler in his lair and prepares […]
Batman tracks down the Riddler in his lair and prepares […]
After a brief battle. the Riddler apprehends Ralphie and hangs […]
Ralphie, who followed Kojak to Riddler’s lair, rushes in, grab’s […]
Kojak finally tracks down the Riddler —only to be beaten […]
The Riddler relaxing inside his secret lair, with all of […]
The Riddler brings the guitars he stole from Elvis to […]
Frankie and Lily spend some alone time in one of […]
Ralphie tells Kojak about walking in on the Riddler stealing […]
Frankie and Lily visit the cemetery where several of Frankie’s […]
Frankie and Lily stop to play with a strange creatures […]
“You’re dreaming, kid. Go back to sleep…or else.”
Photos from Frankenstein’s monster and the bride’s honeymoon. Frankie and […]
Photos from Frankenstein’s monster and the bride’s honeymoon. Frankie and […]
Elvis hires famed detective Theo Kojak to search for his […]
Frankenstein’s monster and his bride regale Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie […]
Jeannie and Ralphie help Elvis look for his missing brown […]
Riddle me this: why is the Riddler stealing Elvis’ guitar?
Johnny Hook angrily confronts Elvis over losing out on a […]
Elvis has another one of those crazy dreams. Why are […]
Alice practices with the band.
Alice defeats Saru, the wolfman, and Johnny Hook the pirate […]
Johnny Hook, Saru, the Wolfman, and Alice battle it out […]
Saru auditions for a temporary spot in the band.
Alice surprises Elvis, Jimi, and Jeannie with her mad guitar […]
Pirate Johnny Hook auditions for Elvis and Jimi Hendrix to […]
The Wolfman auditions to temporarily take Frankenstein’s Monster’s place in […]
Ralphie tries to fix the Rocketeer’s jetpack.
Captain Mercury shows up, trying to convince Elvis and Jeannie […]
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The pets love Saru!
Michael Burnham and Saru teleport to visit a startled Elvis […]
“I’m sorry, sir,” said Willy Wonka, “but I believe you’ve […]
Jeannie introduces for her old college roommate Zira to Elvis’ […]
Elvis hangs out with his old college roommate, Cornelius.
Aang and Ralphie finally capture a shiny Smeargle in Pokemon […]
The Justice League of America interviews Aang for a possible […]
Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern hold […]
“Flash, quit messing around,” said Green Lantern. “You’re late for […]
Elvis gives Flash a quick lesson in guitar playing.
“Elvis, when you said you’d be home in a flash, […]
Aang is sad he missed the poker game, but at […]
Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Stan Lee, and Superman sit down for […]
Stan Lee, relaxing with a good book.
Frankenstein’s Monster carries his bride over the threshold into their […]
The wedding of the century! Don’t forget to scroll down […]
Don’t miss The Monster and the Bride getting married, Saturday, […]