Daily Photos

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“You’re…moving?” asks Frankie, looking askance. “What will we do without […]
“Hello, Hunter Dan,” Elvis says to his new neighbor. “I […]
Dorothy introduces Jeannie and Lily to her uncle, the Wizard.
Dorothy comes over to hang out with Lily and Jeannie.
“Baby, it’s cold outside.”
“Hey, what’s that book? It looks good!”
Frankenstein’s bride spends time reading in the park.
An angry Ron Burgundy shows up to confront Frankie.
Why do I have these crazy dreams?
Alice starts cleaning up.
I’d like to challenge the winner, please.
Jeannie and Marilyn Monroe take a turn playing Hungry, Hungry […]
Elvis plays Hungry, Hungry Hippo with Ralphie and Petunia.
Superman gets in on the fun.
Batman’s oven mitts just won’t fit Frankie.
Jeannie relaxes in the living room, listening to music on […]
Elvis dreams of finding Pinocchio, Mr. Geppetto, and Jiminy Cricket […]
Happy Holidays from our family to yours!
Superman considers trying out for Elvis’ band.
Batman lets Lily try on his overt mitts.
Lily compliments Batman on his over mitts.
Lily and Jeannie relax after shopping.
Elvis dreams he’s in a giant Christmas Batman stocking.
Lily spends time hanging out with her old friend Blinky.
Elvis dreams he’s on a giant Christmas tree.
Ralphie tries out his new punching bag.
“Superman?” asks Elvis. “How did you get out of the […]
Ralphie hides inside the Superman box.
Elvis tries in vain to shove Superman under the tree.
Jeannie, Elvis, and Ralphie put up the tree.
Elvis beats Elvis at chess, and Elvis throws a fit.
Elvis and Elvis agree on their final competition.
Frankie accidentally sits on the Invisible Man.
Lily enjoys some alone time on her couch.
Jeannie congratulates Elvis for winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors, while […]
Elvis and Elvis prepare for the next challenge: Rock, paper, […]
Elvis discusses how to defeat the other Elvis.
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
That night, after losing a game of Monopoly to Alternate […]
Elvis takes the win at Monopoly, leaving Elvis crying.
Elvis challenges Elvis to a competition.
Frankie caught an Unown J in Pokemon Go!
“Not that kind of guitar battle!”
“Don’t fight with those dangerously sharp scythes,” says Ralphie. “How […]
Frankie brings birdseed and toys home for the crows.
The two Elvises (Elvi?) prepare to do battle.
Kanamit hugs Medusa goodbye as he drops her off at […]
Kanamit and Medusa kiss in the park.
Kanamit takes Medusa to a Chinese restaurant.
Lily introduces Medusa to Kanamit.
“Well, this is confusing,” says Jeannie.
Are you my long lost twin brother?
Are you my long lost twin brother?
Happy Halloween from our family to yours!
“How the heck did I get here?”
“Okay, Alice,” says Frankie, “it’s your turn!”
“Frankie,” says Alice, “you’re going to break the cart!”
“I had to get the groceries home somehow,” says and […]
Ralphie introduced Elvis to his new friend Mikey.
Elvis and Frankie discuss getting the band back together.
“I keep hearing noises, Lily, but no one’s there,” says […]
“So, Brent…what brings you by?” asks Frankie.
The Ghostbusters pose with the ghost bird!
It wouldn’t even fit in the mailbox! https://amzn.to/3EFZVN1
Frankie and Lily spend the evening dancing in their living […]
Ralphie goes for a ride on the ghost bird.
“Well, I didn’t expect that,” says Elvis.
“We sure do get some strange visitors around here.”
“It was right on top of me!”
“Guys? A little help here. Guys! Elvis! Anybody! Help!”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Presley,” Egon Spengler says, “but we can’t […]
“No, sir, I DO NOT want a hug.”
The Ghostbusters begin their investigation.
“So, Dr. Venkman, exactly how much will it cost to […]
Jeannie gets up in the middle of the night to […]
Alice runs to get Elvis, but the ghost is gone […]
Alice hears a noise in the night, walks into the […]
Lily has Medusa over for breakfast.
“Which do you choose?” asks Count Chocula. “Frankenberry of Count […]
Elvis, Ralphie, Petunia, and Jeannie pose for a family portrait.
Lily welcomes Frankie home, while Frankenberry cheers.
The Grim Reaper gets into the ring, slowly walks over […]
Elvis celebrates with his family.
Jeannie runs into the ring to congratulate Elvis.
Frankie, Elvis, and Shazam celebrate their victory over the Brothers […]
Elvis surprised the Grim Reaper with a sunset flip. 1…2…3!!
Frankie runs in to save Elvis from being choked out […]
The Grim Reaper chokes Elvis with his own scarf!
Black Adam gets Frankie in a Boston crab. Will he […]
The rule book’s been thrown out the window!
The Red Reaper tries to gouge out Frankie’s eyes!
The Red Reaper readies to leap atop an unsuspecting Frankie.
Frankie gets Black Adam up for a German suplex.
Elvis crawls across the ring in an attempt to tag […]
Elvis tries to pin Black Adam, but the Grim Reaper […]
Elvis hip tosses Black Adam as the Brothers Grim look […]
“So let me get this straight. For years, he writes […]
Frankie gets Black Adam up for a piledriver.
The Red Reaper prepares to deliver a DDT to Frankie.
Black Adam prepares to gorilla slam Frankie!
Shazam and Black Adam start the match, and before Black […]
Elvis, Shazam, and Frankie prepare to face off against Black […]
Frankie gets a call from Elvis. It’s on.
“We accept your challenge,” says the black reaper, “as long […]
“Three on one isn’t fair,” says Elvis. “I challenge you […]
Alice visits Frankie and Lily to show off her new […]
Black Adam and the Brothers Grim beat up Shazam!
Oh no! Black Adam has Shazam up for a piledriver!
The Brothers Grim look on as Shazam and Black Adam […]
“You may have bested us, you Big Red Cheese, but […]
“Listen, you two, you need to get out of here […]
“Shazam!” says the Grim Reaper. “But you look different. You’re […]
“You DO remember what happened last time, don’t you?” says […]
Seriously? You brought your brother this time?
“We have something to tell you, Ralphie,” says Jeannie. “While […]
Ralphie tells Elvis and Jeannie about his and Alice’s alternate […]
Elvis hires a handyman to get rid of that pesky […]
Petunia? What is she doing here?
Finally, just when they were about to give up hope, […]
Jeannie visits Lily, Frankie, and Frankie Jr.
Alt-Elvis, Marilyn, and Petunia Pie say goodbye to Alice and […]
Alt-Elvis introduces Alice and Ralphie to his wife Marilyn and […]
“Look, Ralphie, we’re finally home—wait, what? That’s not our Elvis. […]
Where are we, Ralphie? That’s not Lily, and I don’t […]
Alice and Ralphie step through the door again, only to […]
Ralphie and Alice jump back through the door, but it […]
Alice and Ralphie walk through the strange door and immediately […]
“How is this fun?” asks Frankie. “I can’t even see […]
Lily tried on a mask for the masquerade ball.
While cleaning, Alice and Ralphie discover a mysterious door that […]
Ralphie helps Alice tidy up.
Spock and his time-traveling half-sister, Michael Burnham, reunite at Frankie’s […]
I told you, Spock, the Vulcan nerve pinch won’t work […]
Frankie hanging out with his cousin Bob the zombie.
In his next dream, Elvis finds himself and Jeannie inside […]
Elvis has been playing too much Toontown. He dreams he’s […]
Jeannie and Michael Burnham hanging out with Lily.
Elvis has another dream, this time surrounded by Touche Turtle, […]
After losing at chess, Black Adam knocks over the board.
The Candyman always makes shaking hands awkward.
Shazam and Black Adam decide to settle their differences over […]
Black Adam confronts Shazam.
Ralphie and Aang babysit Frankie Jr.
Jimmy Olsen is absolutely shocked to see Frankie reading a […]
Brent the astronaut hangs out at Frankie’s house, reading comics.
“No, I haven’t seen any damned dirty apes, but would […]
“I’ve been told Shazam lives here,” says Black Adam to […]
Frankie, Lily, and Captain Mercury sit down to discuss just […]
“What do you mean, he’s also a Klingon?” asks Worf. […]
Worf suddenly beams down to Elvis’ living room, startling the […]
Frankie helps Captain Mercury out of his box.
A strange package arrives on Frankie’s doorstep.
That night, Elvis dreams that he climbs on to the […]
“Have you heard the Mutant Word?” asks the Mutant Leader, […]
Lily spends time with her old college roommate, the Borg […]
“No, Frankie, you didn’t die of a stroke. I said […]