Elvis hip tosses Black Adam as the Brothers Grim look on.
“So let me get this straight. For years, he writes me letters telling me he’s my […]
Frankie gets Black Adam up for a piledriver.
The Red Reaper prepares to deliver a DDT to Frankie.
Black Adam prepares to gorilla slam Frankie!
Shazam and Black Adam start the match, and before Black Adam knows what’s going on, Shazam […]
Elvis, Shazam, and Frankie prepare to face off against Black Adam and the Brothers Grim in […]
Frankie gets a call from Elvis. It’s on.
“We accept your challenge,” says the black reaper, “as long as you accept our terms. If […]
“Three on one isn’t fair,” says Elvis. “I challenge you to a fight, the three of […]
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