“So, Brent…what brings you by?” asks Frankie.
“We sure do get some strange visitors around here.”
Jimmy Olsen is absolutely shocked to see Frankie reading a Marvel comic.
Brent the astronaut hangs out at Frankie’s house, reading comics.
“No, I haven’t seen any damned dirty apes, but would you like some Frankenberry cereal?”
“Have you heard the Mutant Word?” asks the Mutant Leader, as he tries to get Jeannie […]
Frankie’s little brother, Frankenhammer, shows up. But is he here for a family reunion or to […]
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie celebrate Frankie vanquishing the apes. Elvis raises the monster’s arm in victory, […]
Frankie stands tall upon the pile of vanquished apes.
The soldier apes defeated, Frankie faces off about General Ursus.
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