Igor takes Frankie and Lily’s as of yet still-unnamed baby on a piggyback ride.
Frankie and Lily sit down with Elvis and Jeannie to discuss Franklin’s creepy new girlfriend.
Franklin introduces his new girlfriend, Esmeralda, to Frankie and Lily. There’s only one problem: Esme is […]
Aang offers Superman a donut to make up for nearly killing him with Kryptonite. Aang is […]
Kryptonite sure comes in handy!
The Frankenstein brothers look on in confusion as Ralphie challenges and summarily beats Superman at arm […]
“You weren’t under the couch. You weren’t behind the bookshelf, and you weren’t in the bottle […]
Tired of waiting for everyone to get home, Franklin breaks out a huge bottle of win, […]
Franklin comes to Elvis and Jeannie’s house, because he can’t find Frankie, Lily, or the baby […]
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