Elvis’ new next door neighbor, General Ursus, comes by to introduce himself.
Later that night, Ralphie falls asleep on the couch while reading.
Peg Bundy shows up with a gift for Jeannie, to make up for all those times […]
On Opposite Day, Alice relaxes while Elvis cleans the house.
Batman returns Ralphie and the missing items to Elvis and Jeannie.
Batman, Ralphie, and Kojak watch as the cops take the Riddler off to jail.
Batman tracks down the Riddler in his lair and prepares to rescue Ralphie and Kojak.
After a brief battle. the Riddler apprehends Ralphie and hangs him on the wall as his […]
Ralphie, who followed Kojak to Riddler’s lair, rushes in, grab’s Aang’s stolen staff, and threatens the […]
Kojak finally tracks down the Riddler —only to be beaten and captured by the Riddler!
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