“Hey, what’s that book? It looks good!”
Frankenstein’s bride spends time reading in the park.
That night, after losing a game of Monopoly to Alternate Elvis, Elvis dreams of being on […]
It wouldn’t even fit in the mailbox! https://amzn.to/3EFZVN1
Jimmy Olsen is absolutely shocked to see Frankie reading a Marvel comic.
Brent the astronaut hangs out at Frankie’s house, reading comics.
Frankie shows Elvis the giant business card he found on the lawn right before walking into […]
“Read Joe’s book Leap Year,” said Geordi La Forge. “It comes in physical format, ebook, and […]
What do you mean, you want me to read to you? Who do you kids think […]
Lily relaxes with a good book…and a cat.
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