Jeannie visits Lily, Frankie, and Frankie Jr.
“How is this fun?” asks Frankie. “I can’t even see out one eye!”
Lily tried on a mask for the masquerade ball.
Jeannie and Michael Burnham hanging out with Lily.
Frankie, Lily, and Captain Mercury sit down to discuss just why Mercury was sent to their […]
Lily spends time with her old college roommate, the Borg queen.
Lily hangs a new decoration while Frankie prepares to catch her if she falls.
Real estate manager Jimmy Olson stops by to see how the Frankenfamily are enjoying their new […]
Frankie, Lily, and Frankie Jr spend time relaxing on the couch.
Lily spends some time redecorating the shelf in her and Frankie’s new home.
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