Jeannie, Lily, and Esmerelda meet for their monthly book club.
Igor takes Frankie and Lily’s as of yet still-unnamed baby on a piggyback ride.
“Okay, Doc, let’s see how YOU like it! And stop kicking!”
“Okay, Lily, can you please stop breaking Frankie? This is the last time I’m going to […]
“You weren’t under the couch. You weren’t behind the bookshelf, and you weren’t in the bottle […]
Tired of waiting for everyone to get home, Franklin breaks out a huge bottle of win, […]
Franklin comes to Elvis and Jeannie’s house, because he can’t find Frankie, Lily, or the baby […]
Is Elvis dreaming again? He wakes up inside a clear plastic bag of some sort, with […]
Elvis, Jeannie, Frankie, Lily, Ralphie, and the baby look out over Chicago.
Franklin learns how to hold the baby the right way.
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