Ralphie tells Elvis and Jeannie about his and Alice’s alternate reality adventures.
Elvis hires a handyman to get rid of that pesky interdimensional door.
Petunia? What is she doing here?
Finally, just when they were about to give up hope, the mysterious door brings Ralphie and […]
Alt-Elvis, Marilyn, and Petunia Pie say goodbye to Alice and Ralphie as they once again try […]
Alt-Elvis introduces Alice and Ralphie to his wife Marilyn and their daughter Petunia Pie.
“Look, Ralphie, we’re finally home—wait, what? That’s not our Elvis. And who’s that little girl?”
Where are we, Ralphie? That’s not Lily, and I don’t think that’s our Frankie.
Alice and Ralphie step through the door again, only to find them in Frankie and Lily’s […]
Ralphie and Alice jump back through the door, but it doesn’t take them home. Instead, they […]
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