Santa Claus arrives just as the elf takes down the Candyman. Santa explains that the elf […]
Just as the Candyman is about to skewer Ralphie like a pineapple shish kabob, the Elf […]
The Candyman grabs Ralphie and prepares to…well, do what the Candyman does to people, we’ll leave […]
Oh, Ralphie. Never let the Candyman inside!
Elvis, Jeannie, Ralphie, and the cat gather on the new couch for a Christmas family portrait.
The crazy lady from across the street comes over to give Jeannie a letter that was […]
Rocky, Elvis’ old college roommate, stops by to offer Elvis free boxing lessons.
With no one awake but the cat, Santa Claus sneaks into the house to have a […]
“Who in the heck would send me a leg lamp?”
General Ursus brings over a package for Ralphie that was accidentally misdelivered to his house.
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