Elvis finally remembers to bring Frankie his new pet slug, and they share a box of […]
Snake eyes, Elvis, and Frankie recover the loot stolen by Storm Shadow. They decided to let […]
Frankie and Elvis rush in to capture Storm Shadow, while Snake Eyes holds him at bay […]
While Elvis and Jeannie are at Frankie’s place, Storm Shadow breaks in to steal Jeannie’s autographed […]
That night, the security camera Elvis installed caught someone stealing the Mego Museum!
Someone stole Jeannie’s bottle! It couldn’t be the pirates, they’re all locked up in Shelf Life […]
Elvis and Jeannie decide to gift their pet slug to Frankie and Lily. Because why not?
“Whew! Moving sure is a lot of work,” says Frankie, “but I think this is a […]
“So you settled on the empty, bleak space, eh?” asks Elvis. “Well, it’ll certainly be interesting […]
“I just got off the phone with Lily,” says Jeannie, “and they’ve finally found a place. […]
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