Elvis brings over his old College Roommate Snake Eyes, in an effort to figure out who […]
Frankie leaps out to try to stop the ninja, but Storm Shadows knocks him out cold!
The ninja shows up to steal Frankie’s new Mego Frankenstein’s Monster action figure, not knowing that […]
“It has to be here somewhere, Lily,” says Frankie, looking for his missing box of Frankenberry […]
While helping Ralphie to babysit Frankie Jr., Aang uses his Airbending powers to give the baby […]
Elvis and Jeannie decide to gift their pet slug to Frankie and Lily. Because why not?
Frankie and Lily have the Frankenstein family over for a party.
That night, with the baby asleep in his crib, Frankie and Lily dance in the living […]
“Whew! Moving sure is a lot of work,” says Frankie, “but I think this is a […]
“So you settled on the empty, bleak space, eh?” asks Elvis. “Well, it’ll certainly be interesting […]
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