Umm, Frankie? Her eyes are up there.
Frankie’s childhood hero, Joe Namath, shows up to give Frankie an autographed football.
Frankie relaxes at home with Frankie Jr. and a box of Frankenberry.
Snake eyes, Elvis, and Frankie recover the loot stolen by Storm Shadow. They decided to let […]
Frankie and Elvis rush in to capture Storm Shadow, while Snake Eyes holds him at bay […]
Snake Eyes piledrives Storm Shadow on a table.
Just as Snake Eyes gets the upper hand in their battle, Storm Shadows pulls him forward […]
Snake Eyes waits for Storm Shadow to come back to Frankie and Lily’s apartment to steal […]
Elvis brings over his old College Roommate Snake Eyes, in an effort to figure out who […]
Frankie leaps out to try to stop the ninja, but Storm Shadows knocks him out cold!
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