“We have something to tell you, Ralphie,” says Jeannie. “While you and Alice were gone, we […]
Ralphie tells Elvis and Jeannie about his and Alice’s alternate reality adventures.
Elvis hires a handyman to get rid of that pesky interdimensional door.
Petunia? What is she doing here?
Finally, just when they were about to give up hope, the mysterious door brings Ralphie and […]
That night, Elvis dreams that he climbs on to the roof of his home and finds […]
Lily takes Elvira to meet Jeannie, who loans her a copy of Leap Year.
Umm, Frankie? Her eyes are up there.
Lily and her old college roommate Elvira hang out, catching up.
Frankie’s childhood hero, Joe Namath, shows up to give Frankie an autographed football.
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