Lily takes Elvira to meet Jeannie, who loans her a copy of Leap Year.
Snake eyes, Elvis, and Frankie recover the loot stolen by Storm Shadow. They decided to let […]
Frankie and Elvis rush in to capture Storm Shadow, while Snake Eyes holds him at bay […]
Snake Eyes piledrives Storm Shadow on a table.
Just as Snake Eyes gets the upper hand in their battle, Storm Shadows pulls him forward […]
Snake Eyes waits for Storm Shadow to come back to Frankie and Lily’s apartment to steal […]
Elvis brings over his old College Roommate Snake Eyes, in an effort to figure out who […]
Frankie leaps out to try to stop the ninja, but Storm Shadows knocks him out cold!
The ninja shows up to steal Frankie’s new Mego Frankenstein’s Monster action figure, not knowing that […]
Frankie shows Elvis the giant business card he found on the lawn right before walking into […]
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