Ralphie finds the golden ticket! (Tune in Monday to find out more!)
While Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie love all the new pets, Alice isn’t quite as pleased.
“That’s it, Raphie,” said Elvis, “no more pets!”
“Mom, can I keep him?” asked Ralphie, in hopes of adopting the errant pirate monkey.
Ralphie meets another of his heroes—Batman!
Frankenstein’s Monster gets upset when he can’t beat Superman’s high score, so he knocks over the […]
Frankenstein’s Monster and Ralphie take turns playing Pac-Man, trying to beat Superman’s high score.
The boys give Ralphie a try out for their still-unnamed band.
Ralphie reveals it was fake Kryptonite all along. Superman doesn’t know whether to be angry or […]
Everyone is shocked as Ralphie pulls out Kryptonite!
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