Safe from Mr. Death, Elvis hugs Shaz-Ralphie!
“Listen, Mr. Death, you really need to leave my parents alone…or else!”
“Okay, you little idiot, your father can live…but I’ll take you instead!”
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s your husband’s time—wait, what are you doing?”
Lily comes over to share lunch with Jeannie and help her wrap presents for Ralphie and […]
Santa Claus arrives just as the elf takes down the Candyman. Santa explains that the elf […]
Just as the Candyman is about to skewer Ralphie like a pineapple shish kabob, the Elf […]
The Candyman grabs Ralphie and prepares to…well, do what the Candyman does to people, we’ll leave […]
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