Elvis, Ralphie, Petunia, and Jeannie pose for a family portrait.
“No, you really don’t want me to take off my mask. Trust me.”
Real estate manager Jimmy Olson stops by to see how the Frankenfamily are enjoying their new […]
Frankie, Lily, and Frankie Jr spend time relaxing on the couch.
Elvis finally remembers to bring Frankie his new pet slug, and they share a box of […]
Lily takes Elvira to meet Jeannie, who loans her a copy of Leap Year.
Umm, Frankie? Her eyes are up there.
Lily and her old college roommate Elvira hang out, catching up.
Frankie’s childhood hero, Joe Namath, shows up to give Frankie an autographed football.
Frankie relaxes at home with Frankie Jr. and a box of Frankenberry.
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