“Have you heard the Mutant Word?” asks the Mutant Leader, as he tries to get Jeannie […]
Ultraman Jack stops by to introduce himself to Geordi La Forge.
No, ma’am, we will NOT be having fish for dinner!
Frankie’s little brother, Frankenhammer, shows up. But is he here for a family reunion or to […]
Elvis, Jeannie, and Ralphie celebrate Frankie vanquishing the apes. Elvis raises the monster’s arm in victory, […]
Frankie stands tall upon the pile of vanquished apes.
The soldier apes defeated, Frankie faces off about General Ursus.
Frankie bursts into Elvis’ house, knocks down one soldier ape, and picks up the other one, […]
Santa Claus arrives just as the elf takes down the Candyman. Santa explains that the elf […]
Just as the Candyman is about to skewer Ralphie like a pineapple shish kabob, the Elf […]
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