Back at the Joker’s lair, the villains enjoys feasting on donuts and drinking Jeannie’s tears.
The Joker kidnaps Jeannie and steals Elvis’s donuts!
After minutes and minutes of hard planning and calculating, the Joker’s plot to stick it to […]
The Joker lays out his crazy plan to destroy both Batman and Elvis at the same […]
Elsewhere, in a secret lair, the Joker explains his nefarious plot to take over the world.
“What do you mean, Facebook has been back for 3 days? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”
Kang and Elvis put together a rag tag group of specialists to save Facebook.
The Batmen take turns beating up the Riddler, just for fun.
Batman returns Ralphie and the missing items to Elvis and Jeannie.
Batman, Ralphie, and Kojak watch as the cops take the Riddler off to jail.
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