“How did you do it, ma’am?” asks Sgt. O’Reilly, as the cops get ready to take […]
“Okay, enough of this,” says Jeannie, as she blasts the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler against the […]
“Gotcha! The donuts were merely a distraction,” says the Joker, as he, the Penguin, and the […]
“Look, sorry man…” says an embarrassed Robin, “but I really thought those donuts were going to […]
“Get down, Elvis!” yells Robin, as Elvis reaches for the donuts.
After countless minutes searching, Batman, Robin, Elvis, and Frankie finally find the Joker’s lair. But where […]
Elvis, Ralphie, and Frankie meet with Batman and Robin to formulate a plan to recover the […]
Back at the Joker’s lair, the villains enjoys feasting on donuts and drinking Jeannie’s tears.
The Joker kidnaps Jeannie and steals Elvis’s donuts!
After minutes and minutes of hard planning and calculating, the Joker’s plot to stick it to […]
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