The Bride looks forward to a long, relaxing bath with her rubber duckie.
The monster and his bride meet Dr. Frankenstein outside his castle to settle the dowry.
Jeannie throws a bachelorette party for the Bride.
The Bride of Frankenstein accepted the monster’s marriage proposal!
Frankenstein’s monster finally gets up the nerve to propose. Will the Bride say yes?
Jeannie and Frankenstein’s monster discuss the monster’s plan to ask the bride of Frankenstein to marry […]
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Hanukah, happy Kwanza, happy Yule, and merry Festivus from Elvis, Jeannie, […]
Jeannie and her friends exchange presents for their first annual Secret Santa party!
Jeannie invites Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride over for a sushi dinner, while Elvis takes Ralphie […]
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