I’d like to challenge the winner, please.
Where are we, Ralphie? That’s not Lily, and I don’t think that’s our Frankie.
“No, Frankie, you didn’t die of a stroke. I said my name is Deathstroke!”
Ralphie and Aang finally meet their online friend from the future, Batman Beyond.
“So let me get this straight. You’re going door-to-door, selling water that can make you immortal? […]
Jeannie walks into the room to find Wonder Woman trapped in Cheetah’s headlock!
The Mystery Astronaut suddenly appears, startling Jeannie, Zira, and Cheetah.
Jeannie, Zira, and Cheetah hang out.
Elvis and Jeannie comfort Ralphie as they watch what’s happening at our nation’s capital today.
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