“We have something to tell you, Ralphie,” says Jeannie. “While you and Alice were gone, we […]
Ralphie tells Elvis and Jeannie about his and Alice’s alternate reality adventures.
Elvis hires a handyman to get rid of that pesky interdimensional door.
Petunia? What is she doing here?
Finally, just when they were about to give up hope, the mysterious door brings Ralphie and […]
In his next dream, Elvis finds himself and Jeannie inside City of Heroes. Is Elvis just […]
Elvis has been playing too much Toontown. He dreams he’s in Toontown with his toon Lemonbutter […]
Jeannie and Michael Burnham hanging out with Lily.
“Have you heard the Mutant Word?” asks the Mutant Leader, as he tries to get Jeannie […]
Safe from Mr. Death, Elvis hugs Shaz-Ralphie!
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