After minutes and minutes of hard planning and calculating, the Joker’s plot to stick it to […]
The Joker lays out his crazy plan to destroy both Batman and Elvis at the same […]
Jeannie, Lily, and Esmerelda meet for their monthly book club.
“What the…? Oh, sorry, I thought you said you wanted me to meet your mommy, not […]
“Get off that kangaroo, young man, and give me back my donut!”
“Okay, Ralphie,” said Jeannie, “enough is enough. We already have three cats, two dogs, a raccoon, […]
“What do you mean, Facebook has been back for 3 days? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”
“Okay, who in the hell are you?” asked Elvis, as the Klingon pointed a gun at […]
“Sorry I almost shot you,” says Elvis, reaching out to shake the boy wonder’s hand, “but […]
No, Elvis! I said, “Robin’s in the house,” not “someone’s robbing the house!”
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