“So let me get this straight. You’re going door-to-door, selling water that can make you immortal? […]
Elvis brings over his old College Roommate Snake Eyes, in an effort to figure out who […]
Frankie leaps out to try to stop the ninja, but Storm Shadows knocks him out cold!
The ninja shows up to steal Frankie’s new Mego Frankenstein’s Monster action figure, not knowing that […]
That night, the security camera Elvis installed caught someone stealing the Mego Museum!
Elvis has another crazy dream. This time, he’s on a wide fabric plane of land and […]
Elvis and Jeannie decide to take a second honeymoon. But where? Where do YOU think they […]
That night, Ralphie dreams, finding himself with Aang inside the actual Mego Museum while still holding […]
This is the first in a sporadic series of “behind the scenes” posts. All my life, […]
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