The Flash and Doctor Who breathe a sigh of relief as they return to the present […]
The Flash goes back in time to prevent himself from accidentally interrupting Elvis and Jeannie’s first […]
Wonder Woman arrives just in time to kick Cheetah’s butt.
Just as Dr. Who and the Flash prepare for Flash’s journey back in time, the Cheetah […]
Farrah meets with her old college roommate Cheetah, asking her to help stop Flash and Dr. […]
Worried that the Flash and Dr. Who might change the timeline and thus erase her relationship […]
The Flash and Dr. Who meets with a dejected, guitarless, donutless Elvis to explain to him […]
The Riddler and his evil ward Ralphie break into a drunk and lonely Elvis’ house to […]
The Flash and Dr. Who try to explain to Elvis what happened to the timeline, but […]
The Flash meets with his old time traveling buddy Dr. Who for advice on how to […]
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