Lily takes Elvira to meet Jeannie, who loans her a copy of Leap Year.
“That’s my favorite book,” says Jeannie. “Where did Leap Year go?”
While Elvis and Jeannie are at Frankie’s place, Storm Shadow breaks in to steal Jeannie’s autographed […]
Frankie shows Elvis the giant business card he found on the lawn right before walking into […]
“Read Joe’s book Leap Year,” said Geordi La Forge. “It comes in physical format, ebook, and […]
Frankie and Lily’s favorite novel, LEAP YEAR, is free on the Kindle for a limited time!
Lily relaxes with a good book…and a cat.
Peg Bundy shows up with a gift for Jeannie, to make up for all those times […]
Frankenstein’s monster reads Leap Year, by Joe DeRouen. You should, too!
Wonder Woman relaxes with a good book—Joe DeRouen’s Leap Year, available now on Amazon!
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