Spock and his time-traveling half-sister, Michael Burnham, reunite at Frankie’s house.
I told you, Spock, the Vulcan nerve pinch won’t work on me. Those aren’t even my […]
Jeannie and Michael Burnham hanging out with Lily.
Lily spends time with her old college roommate, the Borg queen.
Ultraman Jack stops by to introduce himself to Geordi La Forge.
“That’s all well and good, Mr. Q,” said Ralphie, “but where’s the rest of the alphabet?”
“What do you mean, Facebook has been back for 3 days? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”
Kang and Elvis put together a rag tag group of specialists to save Facebook.
Kang enlists Elvis’ aid in a quest to discover why Facebook went down. Who else will […]
“Okay, who in the hell are you?” asked Elvis, as the Klingon pointed a gun at […]
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