Weird Al Yankovic and Frankie hanging out.
Weird Al Yankovic on stage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 1st, 2022.
Cheetah’s uncle, the Not-So-Cowardly Lion, shows up to break up the fight and reveal that Cheetah […]
Cheetah shows up, and is not happy to find Weird Al spending time with Catwoman.
Weird Al introduces his friend Catwoman to his bandmate Elvis.
“Well, this is awkward,” says Lily.
Frankie, Lily, Weird Al, and Cheetah spend time on the couch, watching TV.
Elvis is shocked to learn that “Weird” Al Yankovic is dating the Cheetah!
Elvis, Weird Al Yankovic, Frankie, and Jimi Hendrix get together to decide what’s next for their […]
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